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How do I search for a subject (Autism)? I am only getting information from Newsweek and the NY times.

I need beganing to end. thanks!
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Hello, Linda:

Here's one way to go about it.  First, go to the Library catalog  Click on the tab "Search Articles & Databases" and then "browse all databases."  You will get an alphabetical list of databases.  We are going to choose Masterfile Premiere, which is a large database of popular magazines and newspapers, as well as some more specialized publications.  It's often a good place to start.  Scroll down to Masterfile or click on the M button to take you down to that part of the title list.  Click on the link to get into Masterfile.

From the middle of the screen, under the search box, click on "advanced search".

In the first search box type in "autism".

After "and" in the second search box, type in "newsweek", then in the right-hand box, use the drop-down menu to change "select a field" to "SO Journal Name".  Then click on the green "search button".  Your results will include only articles with the keywork autism in Newsweek.  For New York Times, so the same search, but put that name in the Journal name field.

You will get several hundred articles between these two searches.  You can narrow down by date from your results page by using the limiters on the left.

I hope that you find this useful.  Feel free to call, email or visit us if you have any further questions.  This can be confusing, and we are happy to help you work through it.  



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