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Do white people experience police brutality?

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2014  |  558 Views
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In searching through several databases and web sites, I've yet to find any reliable statistics on race and police brutality (excessive force).

However there are several articles in different databases which discuss this issue (links follow).  One article did argue that disadvantaged (poor) neighborhoods were the most likely to experience excessive force. (THE DOUBLY VICTIMIZED RESIDENTS OF DISORGANIZED NEIGHBORHOODS:SOCIAL DISORGANIZATION, COLLECTIVE EFFICACY,
AND POLICE OFFICERS’ USE OF EXCESSIVE FORCE: A Dissertation in Crime, Law and Justice by Zachary R. Hays) It's a pretty tough article to get through (lots of research statistics), but might be useful.

So, the short answer is yes, whites, hispanics, and all races experience excessive force, but the primary link seems to be more related to poverty than race.

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