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Where can I find books for LSD use and abuse and how it of effects the user and society.

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016  |  1 Views
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Hi Kenyatta,

We have books, articles, online videos, and more on LSD and its effects. You can find it all at 

Type lsd in the search box in the middle of the screen. You will get thousands of results from many types of sources. If you only want to see which books we have, look at the "Limit To" area on the left side of the page, and check "Catalog Only."

The first result is a link to a short summary of the drug.

The second result, with the image of a book, is a book that is at the Milwaukee (Downtown) and North (Mequon) campuses. Both copies are available, so you can check it out from either campus. If the South (Oak Creek) or West (West Allis) campuses are more convenient for you, use the Request Item link to order a copy to be delivered (no charge) to either location.

Clicking on a book title allows you to see a summary or table of contents for most books. Unfortunately, that book doesn't have that information. To back out of the screen, use the "Result List" button. 

To get the societal effects, go back up to the top of the screen, and add society to your search, so it will be "lsd society." 

If you have other questions, you can call me at 414-297-7449.

Diane Kercheck


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