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i need help searching full text articles on the social construction of sexuality

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2015  |  3 Views
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You can find articles on the MATC Library website at In the search box, try social construction and sexuality and click "Find It." Next, click on "Advanced Search," which is directly under the search box. You will see a number of different ways to limit your search. Under "Search Modes and Expanders," check "Apply related words," and "Search Related Subjects." You may want to try other options, like the "Discipline" section, or language. Now, click "Search" and see if you like the results. 

You may need to experiment with similar terms for social construction, like perception, society, social practice or cultural practice. 

Use the left side of the screen to narrow and focus your results.  One limit option that can be very useful is "Subject." Choosing one or more of these terms will return results where those subjects are the main topics of the articles. 

To read the articles, click "PDF Full Ttext." Some articles have a "Full Text Finder" option. When you choose that, depending on the article, you may have to click on "PDF Full Text" on the left side of the page. 

If you want to save an article, the right side of the page has options for printing and email. It also has a "Cite" option. Choose that, and you will see the different citation styles. Cut and paste the one your paper requires into a Word document. 

Let us know if you need additional help.


Diane Kercheck, Librarian


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